The complete system for transport control of the future.

Increase your service quality, your appeal to drivers and the utilisation of your vehicles with solutions from technology leader Heuremo.

Your benefits with FreightPilot

  • Solution for the lack of drivers  better utilization of the fleet

  • Individual solution  tailor-made software for your company

  • Complete support by Heuremo

Ready for the future!

Tour optimization tailored to your specifications

The difference between route optimization of a TMS and FreightPilot? At Heuremo, tour optimization is a component that fits perfectly into an entire ecosystem and adapts to your specifications.


Save time with the Live Traffic feature.

With the help of traffic data in real time you can avoid traffic jams or similar impairments on your route and reach your destination on time.


Live traffic data feeds the dynamic re-planning. Unpredictable delays during the journey are dynamically taken into account by the tour plan.

Telematics by RIO

Knowing what happens when.

Use the benefits of a strong telematics solution. You will see when which vehicle is where, the time it reaches the customer and whether it is stuck in a traffic jam or technical problems are to be expected.


For this purpose, we cooperate with the common suppliers and have arranged a cooperation with the VW subsidiary RIO. If you do not yet use a telematics system that is independent of any manufacturer, you will get this from Heuremo inclusively.

Improvements per week:

TMS with route optimization


59,970 kilometers

64,232 kilometers

1,657 hours

1,547 hours

177 vehicles

214 vehicles

37 vehicles additional capacity

18.500€ / week savings*

*at a cost of 500€ / vehicle

What our customers say

"Through the innovative and hands-on mentality of their workshops, Heuremo has significantly reduced our planning time and given us valuable insights."

Peter Welter

Senior Vice President Logistics / Operations

Kloeckner Metals Europe GmbH


Mobile app for drivers

Your connection to your drivers and customers.

Whether it is the latest tour plan, vehicle allocation, important information for delivery to the customer or the creation of the delivery note  our mobile Heuremo app is the interface that simplifies tasks and bundles them appropriately.


Of course, it also includes integrated truck navigation.


KPI analysis

Daily, automated evaluations.

Get daily updated diagrams with all the relevant information and evaluations that are necessary for controlling efficient operation.


You choose which information you want to compare with each other and we provide the appropriate data for a comparison of the last 120 days.


This keeps you well informed at all times and enables you to react to emerging problems at an early stage.

Connection via interfaces

TMS, SAP, Salesforce, DATEV etc. linked directly.

Do you want to benefit from the advantages of fully automated dispatching in a complete package, but want to further integrate your existing software?


No problem with FreightPilot! We standardly provide open interfaces. This means no additional work for you when integrating FreightPilot.


Measure items in seconds. With HEUREMO Measure you always know the dimensions of your articles to the centimetre.

Whether as shipper, carrier, packaging company or freight airline - with us you always know how big your goods are.



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